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Optimising hiring processes

Talent Resourcing combines outstaffing and outsourcing as the most effective tool for optimising hiring processes.

Talent Resourcing is a model through which a company can simplify its staffing requirements and processes on a project-by-project basis. Our clients appoint WMG, and then WMG, acting as an employer, manages all aspects of our clients’ project staffing needs from identifying and hiring talent, to managing payroll and sourcing equipment.

Talent Resourcing is provided by WMG to clients either looking for a particular specialist or several specialists (outstaffing), or clients requiring large teams for entire whole project (outsourcing). Talent Resourcing from WMG keeps all aspects of employment simple to manage and easy to maintain.

By engaging our services our clients can:

  • Disclaim legal responsibility towards employees
  • Release from obligations for the labour disputes with employees
  • Avoid downtime at work
  • Reduce administrative and financial burden on the company, while maintaining the direct supervision
  • Reduce the load of employment services for the businesses
  • Reduce the load of accounting work for an enterprise
  • Reduce the number of employees on a direct pay-roll
  • Eliminate or reduce the cost of dismissals
  • Optimise the cost of training and compensation packages
  • Eliminate costs associated with remuneration and salary payment
  • Optimize the number of employees in accordance with the actual volumes of business
  • Exclude the cost of recruitment
  • Test the new employees without having to employ them directly
  • We are always happy to provide suitable and favourable conditions