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Professional integrated service

WMG provides professional integrated service for any industrial and commercial facilities, camps.

  • Office cleaning services
  • Industrial premises cleaning services
  • Collection and specialised transportation of municipal solid waste to dedicated collection points
  • Laundry services
  • Surrounding area maintenance (lawn, trees)
  • Maintaining the sanitary condition of premises
  • Servicing and maintenance of heating and power supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Supplies provision

Basic principles of our company:

  • The principle of partnership. We are interested in long-term partnerships. We make every effort to find the best solution by continuously improving and updating our services.
  • Planning principles. We provide our clients with the full range of facility management services and a consultation on how to reduce their fixed costs.
  • The quality of our services. WMG cherishes its reputation, as well as the reputation of its customers. We ensure the most thorough approach to the provision of services.

We only use the newest and most modern equipment that allows our clients to be confident of the high-quality standards of work.