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Group of engineers for the WMG website
News, Jan 27, 2020

The workforce is changing, and so are we. Meet the new WMG.

In 2020, World Monitoring Group will celebrate its 9th year of operation and each new year brings opportunities, challenges and insights that shape how our company works.

Often these are external factors to which we must adapt, but we have always led on the front foot and we are starting 2020 with an announcement.

Today we launch our new website and our new brand: WMG. WMG is our new brand expression and brings our aspirations and purpose to life by activating our ambition to set a new standard for local content capacity in Kazakhstan.

The workforce is changing, and so are we: WMG’s new brand brings together a fresh, clear vision for outsourcing and outstaffing across oil and gas, construction and infrastructure. Showing our commitment to matching flexibility and expertise, we are building our brand around the ideas of an inspired workforce, around talented manpower and around a versatile gig economy.

Today we are partnering with businesses overseas to ensure that the highest standard of staffing and skills is available to anyone wishing to do business in the Kazakhstan of tomorrow. We believe so strongly in the promise of Kazakhstan’s future, but we recognise that we have our part to play in building it too. So we start this new chapter at WMG with a renewed promise, not only to raise the standard of staffing in Kazakhstan but to improve awareness of, and trust in, our country’s business environment.