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News, Dec 18, 2019

Partnerships & Values - WMG & IOTA

At WMG, one of the most important moments from 2019 was the opportunity to launch our major partnership with IOTA Group, Switzerland.

In August 2019, WMG entered into a partnership with IOTA Group for an indefinite period in order to support its activities in Kazakhstan, to handle all the administrative and legal requirements to be able to employ their consultants locally.

When we started building WMG as a company, we made a simple promise: to set a new standard for local content capacity in Kazakhstan. We have watched that commitment grow and thrive through our clients, through our colleagues and now through our partners and we are more convinced than ever that the demand and appreciation for high-quality talent resourcing options will continue to grow.

Our partnership with IOTA Group also underlines the importance of working with companies that share a similar set of values and vision. IOTA Group already assigns over 1,000 consultants across 60 different countries and tailors solutions around three main business activities, Talent Resourcing, Gateway services, and Global mobility services – but it maintains no local entity in Kazakhstan.

Guaranteeing the same level of service and expertise at home through a new partner abroad requires no small amount of trust. We are delighted that IOTA Group recognises their own values in WMG and has trusted us to deliver a shared goal of improving international investors’ access to skilled and manual labour, and upskilling local content in Kazakhstan.

This collaboration is taking WMG to the next level of professionalism and brings us closer to becoming an international company. Having partners like IOTA is a great step forward for us. We are happy to welcome international employees to Kazakhstan and be the bridge that connects international companies and employees with businesses and projects in Kazakhstan.

WMG is committed to building business profile and commercial networks overseas, raising awareness of the opportunities and capabilities that exist in Kazakhstan and bringing together the right people to bring these possibilities to fruition. We look forward to watching this partnership grow in 2020.