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News, Oct 14, 2019

Flexible staffing for a changing employment landscape

"The world of work is changing dramatically, and the shape of the workforce is changing with it."

These are the opening lines of an article written by EY, the professional services firm, last year about the Gig Economy — and I believe they have only grown in relevance in the last 12 months.

At WMG, we have been developing outstaffing and outsourcing since 2011, and have seen the demands and the challenges of the workforce change over that time. For projects in oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, timelines can be as short as they are volatile and staffing requirements need to be flexible enough to respond to that reality.

In Kazakhstan, Foreign Direct Investment increased by $5964.13 USD Million in the first quarter of 2019 alone. International companies are looking to Kazakhstan as a new regional hub, and Kazakhstan needs to meet that interest with a qualified, diverse and adaptable workforce. This is the role we are playing in Kazakhstan — and the role we play wherever we work — which means developing local talent and matching the right people to the right projects at the right time.