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Message from the Founder

When I launched WMG in 2011, it was with a single purpose in mind: to set a new standard for local content capacity in Kazakhstan. As a highly-specialised recruitment and staffing agency for projects in the oil and gas, construction and infrastructure sectors, WMG has an important role to play in making this a reality.

Firstly, WMG is committed to championing domestic skills, education and knowledge across Kazakhstan. If the richness of our natural resources is to be matched by the expertise of our workforce, then young people in Kazakhstan must be given the opportunity to excel in industrial and service roles alike. We are committed to giving young people across all skill sets a first step into a fulfilling role within oil and gas, construction, and infrastructure.

Secondly, Kazakhstan is of increasing interest to international and foreign investors who look to our shores to create partnerships, jobs and prosperity. That interest must be met and furthered by maintaining an international-standard of skills and proficiencies across specialist individual roles and more general roles on-site. We will strive to maintain consistently high standards across a range of opportunities, ensuring that our partners are matched with the most capable and committed staff whatever their requirements.

And finally, our work at WMG must be an exemplar for Kazakhstan, contributing to our country’s emergence as a global centre of excellence for oil and gas, infrastructure and construction. We are committed to building WMG’s profile and networks overseas, raising awareness of the opportunities and capabilities that exist in Kazakhstan and bringing together the right people to bring these possibilities to fruition.

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Danabek Zhanayev

Danabek Zhanayev is the CEO and Founder of WMG. Prior to founding WMG, Danabek had held several management positions in oil and gas sector.