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TCO Future Growth Project

WMG is working on a major expansion of Tengiz production that will provide significant numbers of jobs and large-scale use of Kazakhstani goods and services.

TCO Future Growth Project – Wellhead Pressure Management Project is the next expansion of the Tengiz oilfield. This is a project of national significance which will bring great benefits to Kazakhstan.

FGP-WPMP will be built of modules fabricated in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and transported to the Tengiz oilfield for final assembly.

In 2016 Tengizchevroil Partners announced approval for the Final Investment Decision of FGP-WPMP which became another demonstration of their commitment to further support sustainable growth of TCO production for the benefit of current and future generations of Kazakhstan.

The Project provides long-term opportunities for local suppliers of goods and services, creates legacy of new production capacities and promotes formation of joint ventures by local and international companies.

WMG provided specialists of various categories for the site preparation and factory construction.

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