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IOTA Group

In August 2019 WMG entered into a partnership with a Swiss talent resourcing company IOTA Group (IOTA) for an indefinite period in order to support its activities in Kazakhstan, to handle all the administrative and legal requirements to be able to employ their consultants locally.

As IOTA doesn’t have a local entity in Kazakhstan, WMG will be providing the following services for them:

  • residence & work permits or any authorization needed for IOTA Consultants to complete the work assigned to them;
  • collection of all the information and documents required to apply for such permits, undertaking all necessary steps & procedures;
  • establishing a local employment contract;
  • ensuring the local payroll and related declarations / formalities are
in accordance with the local social and tax regulations;
  • delivering yearly tax receipt and any receipt related to those declarations and payment;
  • performing all steps, applications, registrations required by local law;
  • providing logistics services;
  • assistance with opening a local bank account for IOTA Consultants.

Founded in 1982, by the entrepreneur Jean-Claude CUSIN, IOTA today is a leading International Independent Energy Consultant Services Firm. IOTA Group assigns over 1000 consultants across 60 different countries and tailors solutions around three main business activities, Talent Resourcing, Gateway services and Global mobility services. As an international independent business IOTA Group operates at the highest standards of quality and ethics worldwide.

IOTA commits to abiding by the laws of host countries, transferring value and skills from its business to local communities and acting as a socially and environmentally responsible stakeholder.

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