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Specialised recruitment and staffing company


All the people employed by a company or on a project.


Total number of all available workers.


Temporary workers and independent contractors


What we offer

Talent resourcing

Talent Resourcing combines outstaffing and outsourcing as the most effective tool for optimising hiring processes.

Facility management

WMG provides professional integrated service for any industrial and commercial facilities.


Provision of corporate catering for the employees of large companies is another area where WMG offers expert help.


News & Blog

Group of engineers for the WMG website
Jan 27, 2020

The workforce is changing, and so are we. Meet the new WMG.

In 2020, World Monitoring Group will celebrate its 9th year of operation and each new year brings opportunities,...
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Partnership and values image for the WMG website
Dec 18, 2019

Partnerships & Values - WMG & IOTA

At WMG, one of the most important moments from 2019 was the opportunity to launch our major partnership with IOTA...
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Mechanical dials image for the WMG website
Dec 13, 2019

Safety in Numbers! Technology, Human Resources and Oil & Gas

Across oil and gas, mining and engineering industries, the move towards automation has been motivated by similar...
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